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17 August 2010 @ 18:14
C'mon! Let's Dance!  

The Basics

Name: animenutcase. My real name? I'd rather not say.

Age: 19

Gender: I have lady parts.

Gender I'd like to be stamped as: Either one. I'm not picky.

Give us a general description of your personality: Oh God... Okay, I'm just going to tell you flat out: I have Asperger's Syndrome. As such, my behavior is a bit... different from normal people. I'm very, very bad at interacting with people face to face (I sometimes worry that I might be a bit of a misanthrope). I probably could be called an otaku and possibly a borderline hikikomori.

If you had to sum yourself up in five words...: Strange, clueless, lazy, nerdy, quiet 

Five strengths:
1. When it boils down to it, I am willing to take one for the team.
2. I do know some obscure things and think about things others might not.
3. I am for the most part polite (I kind of have to be if I want to avoid Foot: Apply directly to the Mouth)
4. I am fairly loyal and patriotic.
5.I'll lend a helping hand.

Five weaknesses:
1. I am very opinionated. I understand that others think differently than me and I accept that. I just can't help but think they're idiots.
2. The Tact Fairy never paid me a formal visit, so I can, and have put my foot in my mouth and made idiotic/rude comments. I'm just lucky that I have enough common sense.
3. I can come across as very apathetic and unsympathetic to others.
4. If something doesn't interest me, chances are I'll ignore it. And when I get started on something I am interested in, I do not know when to shut up.
5. I seldom ask for help when I need it.

Hobbies/Interests: Anime/manga, video games, reading, writing, law, politics (please do not ask me to debate you), Lost

Fears: Losing my loved ones, spiders, cocker spaniels (long story) 

This or That

Are you...
Shy or confident?: Shy. I get a little more confident when I know I have my facts straight.

Selfish or selfless?:
I can be pretty damn selfish and insensitive, but I do care and worry about others.

Cautious or impulsive?:
Strangely, I've always been the "daredevil" (I wanted to go bungie jumping when I was about... two years old, yet it still took me almost ten minutes to go down a zip-line), while my football player brother is more "cautious".

Stoic or emotional?:
Oh, I'm very emotional, I'm just very bad at expressing it unless I feel it strongly. This has led to some of my own amusing Jackfaces.

Serious or humorous?: I come across as serious at school for the most part. But I will start giggling over something I read weeks ago.

A leader or a follower?: 
Generally a follower, but if no one else takes the lead, I will. 

Calm or hyper?: For the most part, I come across as calm. I can have a calm look on my face and be freaking out on the inside. I haven't really thrown a tantrum in years. At home, though...well, if anyone used to seeing me at school saw me at home... They would most likely have a heart attack and die of shock.

Tough or gentle?: Gentle.

Mature or immature?: Both.

A pessimist, optimist, or realist?:
I'm a realistically optimistic pessimist! =D Or would that be a realistically pessimistic optimist?

Angel Beats!

Your favourite character(s): I think I'm pretty fond of Otonashi.

Your least favourite character(s): Nobody! I think I like them all.

The character you identify most with: Otonashi, probably. I've sometimes wondered what I've been doing with my life. 

In your opinion, which ONE character is nothing like you?: Yuri, most likely. XD And Noda. And Fujimaki. And the other aggressive, gung-ho types. And probably Naoi. I don't think I have it in me to make someone think they're toilet paper, no matter how much I might dislike them. 

Let's wrap it up...

Three or more applications you've voted on:

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Rikkarika_shinmei on 18th August 2010 11:58 (UTC)
Male: I think Naoi really fits you idk lol ;3; especially the 'This and That' section (being selfish and insensitive, emotional but hard to expressing it, everything!)

Female: Definetly Shiina, I can't think of any female character that will fit you as best as her. Also from 'This and That' section, with some adds from Strengths and Weakness section (loyal, polite, think others are idiots lmao).

Anyway, there's something wrong with the text from 'The Basic' until 'Shy or confident?' section. The color is so light that I must bold it so I can read it, so can you please fix it? Thanks~
animenutcase: Keiichi bunny earsanimenutcase on 18th August 2010 18:47 (UTC)
I've tried, but I'm not sure how to do it. I'm sorry! I messed up with the lj-cut and I don't know how to fix it. I'll try again!
Natsumi: yuinyan shufflesnatsumichama on 22nd August 2010 05:08 (UTC)
In my opinion, for Male, you're Otonashi all the way. For female, I'd have to say Shiina also.
【Natalie】// 春野サクラ ☺ heart shaped box: lightning → stargirlpinkified on 25th August 2010 17:46 (UTC)
I would say Otonashi with a tiny bit of Hinata for male. As for female, I think Shiina is a great fit.
K: * Bee - Name & usernamekaywee on 27th August 2010 00:34 (UTC)
Male: Otonashi.
Female: Shiina.
Artemiscrsg on 2nd August 2011 23:31 (UTC)
I'm definitely getting the Naoi vibe. Even though he's gentle and emotional, he generally sucks at interacting with people and is often opinionated in the extreme.