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12 August 2010 @ 21:44
come on, let's dance!  
The Basics

Name: Kanna

Age: 14

Gender: Fem

Gender I'd like to be stamped as: Anything!

Give us a general description of your personality: I.... erm. I used to be a little cheerful and childish around my friends, but i'm still adaptating in my new school so lately i'm quiet? i tend to be stable, relaxed and never panicked. I try to avoid being 'teeny'. Some people said i'm ignorant, and i can hardly react to things. Sometimes i'm being emotionless and forgetful too 8|

If you had to sum yourself up in five words...: Blank, Ignorant, Childish, Introvert, Thinker

Five strengths: Relaxed/not panicked thingy, kinda intelligent, Stable, cheerful, unbiased?

Five weaknesses: Kinda anti-social, Emotionless, Forgetful, lazy, clumsy

Hobbies/Interests: Eating, Sleeping, Drawing, Browsing net, doing whatever i want to do

Fears: Growing up, fire, losing everything

This or That

Are you...

Shy or confident?: Confident enough to say what i want. but sometimes the problem is i don't know what to say 8|a

Selfish or selfless?: Selfish, but if it's tiring to take care of myself then i let myself being selfless.

Cautious or impulsive?: impulsiveee

Stoic or emotional?: stoic

Serious or humorous?: I don't know. I'm not the type who can laugh over anything but i'm kinda humorous when i feel comfortable... maybe.

A leader or a follower?: Follower. I can't make commitments.

Calm or hyper?: Calm.

Tough or gentle?: Gentle, although i'm tough at few things.

Mature or immature?: Immature hahah.

A pessimist, optimist, or realist?: Optimist. I can't even admit my own problems

Angel Beats!

Your favourite character(s): Otonashi and the mahjong gang (hisako, TK, Takeyama, Fujimaki).

Your least favourite character(s): Yui

The character you identify most with: i seriously has no idea |D

In your opinion, which ONE character is nothing like you?: Yui or hinata... maybe.

Let's wrap it up...

Three or more applications you've voted on:
1 2 3

hyouri: → yuirinmei on 12th August 2010 14:49 (UTC)
male: I actually see Otonashi here. He's quite relaxed, stable and also a follower like you.

female: The stoic/blank/being emotionless reminds me of Shiina!
uranje the orange-lover: Explicit Content?snapdraw_gone on 12th August 2010 15:03 (UTC)
Male: Otonashi for you.
Female: I'll vote Shiina. Mostly because of the 'stoic' and other synonymous descriptions in your app.
thecagebirdsingthecagebirdsing on 12th August 2010 15:07 (UTC)
I have to say Shiina because you seem like her.

I really don't know xD I wanted to say Hinata but....xD
chetodaicheto on 12th August 2010 15:08 (UTC)
lol, i'm all agree with 2 votes above.
male: Otonashi because you're pretty much relaxed and follower.
female: Shiina too! because your stoic side and also the love for cute things ~<3
(あなたの愛)empathetic_will(私の愛): younger!Otonashimiyako_tsuki on 12th August 2010 15:40 (UTC)
Male: I actually gotta say Takamatsu. Quiet, relaxed, never panicked, ignorant, thinker, intelligent, emotionless? I some Otonashi in you, but more Takamatsu then anything.

Female: Shiina. Again, your stoic yet intelligible nature.
K: エンジェル ビーツ!; Peacekaywee on 12th August 2010 15:44 (UTC)
Male: Otonashi.
Female: Shiina!
林 ♑ リン ♑ Ling: Natsume; return to zeroxaciel on 13th August 2010 12:44 (UTC)
Male: Otonashi because you are relaxed and a follower.

Female: Shiina because you like cute things despite being stoic.
Kkaywee on 13th August 2010 19:29 (UTC)

Congratulations! Please upload the stamps to your own server. =)