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12 August 2010 @ 12:04
☆★Come on! Let's Dance!★☆  
The Basics

Name:  Gabriella 

Age: 17

Gender: A lady

Gender I'd like to be stamped as: Both is fine with me :)

Give us a general description of your personality:
♦A determined individual and a quick learner. Extremely considerate of others; I am happy when others are happy :D I am a very prideful person xD and tend to strong defend my moral values. I love, love, love my family, especially my siblings. Even though they drive me crazy, I would do anything for them. I get angry if you make me angry, and I tend to be strong and mature because I know that others depend on me, and I hate to let everyone down.

If you had to sum yourself up in five words...: Clever, Witty, Strong-Willed, Creative, Unique

Five strengths:
*Impressing people as someone with strong values and convictions.
*Communicating well one-on-one.
*Expressing yourself well in writing.
*Being an attentive listener.
*Demonstrating an interest in and broad grasp of big issues.

Five weaknesses:
*Being too idealistic and setting unrealistic goals.
*Being a procrastinator.
*Becoming defensive if you perceives you are being challenged.
*Being prideful.
*Being an non-conformist.

So many!! \(*3*)/ I really enjoy sports and basically doing anything outdoors, love music and writing, and I basically want to do everything that a spy would do x3

Fears: Spiders >.>.....

This or That

Are you...

Shy or confident?: Mostly Confident, I'm only shy when I don't feel like being confident xD

Selfish or selfless?: I'm mostly selfless. I consider others before myself. I love to see other content and would do everything in my power to make the ones I love happy as well.

Cautious or impulsive?: Depending on the situation. But I'm mostly impulsive xD

Stoic or emotional?: Emotionally stable. I mean, I show how I feel depending on the situation. I'm rarely stoic.

Serious or humorous?: Humorous :D Only serious when I get pissed off xD

A leader or a follower?: A leader. I like being myself and doing my own thing :D I am an independent individual.

Calm or hyper?: Calm :)

Tough or gentle?: I believe in "Tough Love" xD But I am gentle :) 50/50

Mature or immature?: Mature. I have my siblings that look up to me, and I want to be an excellent role model for them. Plus, I'm usually the one that is chosen to make certain decisions. Though at times I can be immature :P Hey! I'm human :)

A pessimist, optimist, or realist?: I identify myself as all three. I mean, I can help but notice that the bad does overpower the good. But that doesn't mean that I deem it as a hopeless situation! I tend to be optimistic because it helps me find a solution in the most difficult situations I encounter. But also being realistic helps me being unbiased :) To make it easier, I'm optimistic :)

Angel Beats!

Your favourite character(s): I love them all!! ♥♥♥♥ But I love Ooyama and Noda ;D Oh! and Hinata ;D

Your least favourite character(s): Takeyama and Kanade :/ Sorry, just never identified with them ;_;

The character you identify most with: hmm, I would have to say Otonashi and Yuri. Why? Because their dreams and revenge was centered around their siblings. I am and would do the same for my sisters and the ones I love.

In your opinion, which ONE character is nothing like you?: Takeyama and Kanade xD

Let's wrap it up...

Three or more applications you've voted on:
Voted on all the applications ;3

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
► starlight, starbright: AB-raaageeehaloalkana on 12th August 2010 19:39 (UTC)
i think of Hinata after read this! 8D
chetodaicheto on 13th August 2010 13:14 (UTC)
male: your confidence and all general description of yourself made me think of Takeyama.

female: a little of Yui here and there, but for being mature and all, you remind me of Iwasawa :3