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22 August 2010 @ 01:13
Come On, Let's Dance  

The Basics

Name: Natsumi
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Gender I'd like to be stamped as: Preferably female, but I don't really care if a male fits me more. /shrug/
Give us a general description of your personality: I'm a super ditz. I'm always tripping and breaking things. I'm also not very good on my own, but if you assign a task to me, I can complete it fully. I sometimes say bad things, but at heart I'm trying my best to work in the world. However, I'm also the type to worry what people think of me, and sometimes don't state my complaints due to it. I also am scared of being abandoned, so I'm nice with people I'm not super-close with. But, with my closest friends I'm super-sarcastic. I try for comedy as much as possible, and laugh everything off whether it was funny or not. And that's me!
If you had to sum yourself up in five words...: Ditzy, loopy, worried, nice girl.
Five strengths: I'm not afraid of anything but heights, drawing, schoolwork, yelling, talking super quickly
Five weaknesses: Being balanced, super sarcasm, attention span, music (I am not musically talented whatsoever), athletics
Hobbies/Interests: Drawing, reading, tennis, writing, anime, modern dance.
Fears: HEIGHTS HEIGHTS HEIGHTS. Oh, and abandoment.

This or That
Are you...

Shy or confident?:

Shy around strangers, but confident around friends

Selfish or selfless?: Selfless

Cautious or impulsive?: Impulsive

Stoic or emotional?: Emotional

Serious or humorous?: Humorous

A leader or a follower?: Follower

Calm or hyper?: Around friends I'm super-hyper, but in general situations, I'm totally mellow.

Tough or gentle?: Tough

Mature or immature?: Half and half?

A pessimist, optimist, or realist?: Realist

Angel Beats!

Your favourite character(s): YUIYUIYUIYUIYUIYUIYUIYUI
Your least favourite character(s): I loved them all, but if I had to choose a specific least favorite, it would have to be Fujimaki.
The character you identify most with: Yui and Shiina. And occassionally Hinata.
In your opinion, which ONE character is nothing like you?: Noda. But that's just me.

Let's wrap it up...

Three or more applications you've voted on:


Thanks in advance! :D
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: Ichiban no Takaramono
animenutcase: Hideyoshi approvesanimenutcase on 24th August 2010 16:29 (UTC)
You... do strike me as a lot like Yui. And maybe Ooyama, for the boys.
【Natalie】// 春野サクラ ☺ heart shaped box: misaki → happy happy joy joypinkified on 25th August 2010 17:44 (UTC)
I see a lot of Yui and Ooyama as well!
Artemiscrsg on 2nd August 2011 23:28 (UTC)
I'm getting lots of Shiina vibes. I picture her as someone very emotional on the inside, and I think she's more of the follower type as well. What you wrote for your weaknesses especially also put her character in mind.