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「Angel Beats! Stamping」

Angel Beats Stamping
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All Members

Welcome to the stamping community for the anime Angel Beats!
You can find a blank application form & our stamps here!


You do not need to be a member to vote.
Please vote on at least three applications before you post yours.
Bold your votes.
If possible, try to elaborate on your votes.
You need five votes for the same character in order to be stamped.
If the applicant asks to be stamped as both genders, you have the option of making one vote for each sex (this isn't a requirement, though).
You are allowed to apply for a re-stamp if you feel your stamp doesn't fit you.
Don't act exactly like a character in order to be stamped as them. Be yourself!
Your subject line must be "Come on, let's dance!" to prove you read the rules.


Save this banner to your own server, then use the following code:

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